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Fan Art - Introduction

It's time to give your creativity a spin...

Crash Bandicoot draws Cortex's face on the latter's big, bald noggin.

Crash Mania's Fan Art section is a place where you can send your Crash Bandicoot-related art and let the world know how much you love your favorite characters. You can draw, sculpt, or build anything you have in mind, and if you're happy with the result, send it in so others can enjoy your work!

You need to be registered to submit your art. Registering is a quick one-time step, and you'll be able to log in and do the rest when you're done.

New submissions are posted on Sundays, and everyone can vote for their favorites. When you see your art posted, be sure to tell your friends so they can vote for your entry!

Just... don't use Cortex's head as your canvas. He gets kind of cranky about it.

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