Crash Bandicoot Evolution - Introduction

Crash Twinsanity started out as a much more ambitious project before it became the game you may be familiar with. A vast amount of concepts and ideas were made that didn't make the cut, as the game was initially proposed to combine an epic story with a sci-fi setting and some RPG elements. This version of the game was known as Crash Bandicoot Evolution, and it began development by Traveller's Tales Oxford Studios shortly after The Wrath of Cortex's release.

According to Paul Gardner, who was part of the development team, one of the reasons Evolution was changed was because it was being developed at the same time Ratchet & Clank came out, which featured a similar set-up by sheer coincidence:

Evolution began with Crashs island being stolen from the Earth by the Evil Twins and used as a jigsaw-piece in one giant planet made from pieces of others. (...) But when Ratchet and Clank was released Insomniac had had the same idea; their planet looked identical to ours, so we decided to start over (...)

The team officially worked on Evolution until the year 2003, at which point it started being adapted to Twinsanity. The original lead designer for the project, Richard M. Albon, revealed a lot of information and concept art on the official Vivendi Universal Games Forum back in mid-2005. This section contains an archive of his posts along with the accompanying art.

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