Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - General Findings

Tawna Abducted

Tawna Abducted

Early prototypes would have Tawna whisked into the sky once Crash reached her in bonus rounds, rather than being taken away by that dastardly Cortex.

Green Beakers
Green Beakers

Green Beakers

The beakers thrown by the lab assistants here have green liquid instead of magenta.

Crate Behavior

Some crates used to work a bit differently:

  • Bounce crates (the ones that give you 10 fruits if you jump on them) would give you one fruit per bounce in Crash 1 and 2. This was changed at some point during development to match WARPED's behavior, where each bounce gives you two fruits. This came with the inadvertent side-effect of these crates no longer producing fruit if you belly-flop them, something that was present in the prototypes as per the original games' behavior.
  • The timer on the TNT crates was a bit off.
  • Nitro crates not only didn't glow, but they also didn't hop at all in early prototypes.

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