Crash Bandicoot - Test room

This is a room internally referred to as "level1" in the game's code. The only way to access it is by hacking the prototype.

This level was frequently used and modified by Andy Gavin to test some features in the game before implementing them into proper levels. In Andy's words:

It was always very useful to have a level that was super small (hence I could process it in 3 minutes instead of 6 hours). I'd just stick whatever creatures I was programming there first and do all the programming I could on them BEFORE putting them in a real level.

By the looks of it, Andy was testing the jumping spider and beaker assistant when this prototype was compiled.

Testing Enemies

Testing Enemies

The room is a small and simple area with no background, little terrain, basic textures and a few crates and enemies. There are three crates containing Tawna icons in them and a lone TNT next to them. When this prototype was built, Andy was testing the beaker-throwing Lab Assistant and spider enemies.

The Lab Assistant throws his beakers directly at Crash (unlike those in Slippery Climb, who always throw theirs at the same spot). The spider occasionally spawns and walks towards the screen. Spinning it will make it display a removed animation, where it flips over and curls its legs much like real spiders do when they die. The skunks in this prototype also have a death animation (as seen in the waterfall and cliff levels), suggesting that all enemies in the game were at one point planned to have one.

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