Crash Bandicoot: WARPED - Cheats - Secrets

Hidden level 31 "Hot Coco": In level 14, keep your eyes peeled for a a sign with an alien symbol on the left side of the road. Knock it out to be warped to this secret level.

Hidden level 32 "Eggipus Rex": In level 11, take the yellow gem path (you'll need the yellow gem from level 27). When the triceratops starts chasing you, you'll come across some pterodactyls. Let yourself be captured by the second one and it'll drop you off in this secret level.

105% Completion: Collect all 30 gold relics and approach Coco in the Time Twister. A secret clear gem will appear, followed by fireworks. You will then have 105%. Collecting all platinum relics does nothing.

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