Crash Twinsanity - Hidden Content

Thanks to a collaborative effort, we can see even more stuff that didn't make it to the game. The following can only be found by hacking the demo.

Credit goes to:

  • Tyler Vea, for stumbling upon the barn and initiating the whole thing.
  • Hacc, for programming the levitation code for the PAL demo.
  • Micster, for making the video documentary that follows.

What we've learned:

  • As seen in pre-release screenshots, Farmer Ernest's barn was originally placed near the beach. This placement is present not only in the demo, but also in one of the game's FMV cutscenes, therefore suggesting that this was a late change.
  • There was an odd patch of Nitro crates near the farm for some reason.
  • The location above the worms mini-game leads to Totem Hokum instead of Tikimon. This means you'd have to play the mini-game before entering that level. Since you need Cortex to whack the worms, it isn't clear if he would have run away from The Evil Twins at this point in development.
  • There was no clock icon for the timer in the worms mini-game.
  • Tikimon's area was accessed through a hole in the mountain.
  • The Uka Uka object is present in the demo, despite the fact that you don't get to control Cortex.

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