Crash Tag Team Racing - Cheats - Cheat Modes

Hold down L1 and R1 at the title screen and press any of the following sequences. You'll hear an approval chime if you input a sequence correctly or a buzz otherwise. The cheats will only work in Single Player mode.

Note: The following buttons are for the PlayStation 2 version. For Xbox and GameCube, the buttons change from:
X to A / Square to X / Circle to B / Triangle to Y / L1 to L / R1 to R

  • Disable all HUDs: X, Square, Triangle, Circle
  • One-touch KOs in racing: X, Circle, Circle, X
  • Chicken-headed people: X, Circle, Circle, Square
  • High speed: Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle
  • Japanese Crash: Square, Circle, Square, Circle
  • Block car: Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square
  • Enable hidden character lines in races: X, X, X, Square
  • Enable Debug Camera: X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle (more info here)

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