Crash Tag Team Racing - First Images

On April 2005, 7 screenshots were released. 3 of them stand out because of some major differences between the final version:

Assorted Oddities 1

Assorted Oddities 1

  • Wumpa fruits don't appear in the game at all, as Wumpa coins are used instead. Since you can see a coin icon in this screenshot's HUD, the purpose of the Wumpa fruit in this early build is unclear.
  • Crash's shadow is extremely dull. It's the only screenshot where Crash has a round shadow, indicating that this may be the earliest known build. Notice also how nothing else has a shadow, including the Park Drone.
  • The coin icon is on the left and has a different font and appearance. Instead of the MotorWorld logo, the coin has an image of Crash, which was taken from a promotional render for The Wrath of Cortex.
  • There is a garbage bin in the corner, but there are none in the final version.
  • Though this area looks like Happily Ever Faster, it doesn't appear in the final version at all.
'Tis Evening

'Tis Evening

  • This is outside Von Clutch's castle at the very beginning of the game. The lighting is noticeably different.
  • People used to wander near Von Clutch's castle, which is also seen in other screenshots. Look to Crash's left to see a kid below.
  • The top and bottom of the screenshot show a Microsoft Windows XP interface. It was likely a development or screenshot tool.
Faceless Fire Guy

Faceless Fire Guy

  • Cortex holds a faceless Fire Guy, which looks just like a regular flame.
  • A small blue stripe is on the screen for some reason.
  • The car wheels look different.
  • Again, a Microsoft Windows XP interface is shown.

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