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Crash: Mind Over Mutant - Cheats - Achievements

Regular Achievements

  • Don't Recycle (25 points)
    Collect all Junkyard voodoo dolls.
  • Crunched (25 points)
    Beat Crunch Boss Fight.
  • Would You Like Fries With That? (10 points)
    Score a 10x mojo multiplier via combat combos.
  • The Dark Side (25 points)
    Collect all Mount Grimly voodoo dolls.
  • Duplex Crash (10 points)
    Defeat 1 enemy in coop mode.
  • T to the K (20 points)
    Fully upgrade TK.
  • Crash King (25 points)
    Fully upgrade Crash.
  • It Took Two To Tango (15 points)
    Complete coop balancing puzzle in the Wasteland.
  • Neo Is Getting Angry (50 points)
    Beat Cortex Boss Fight.
  • A Wumpa A Day (15 points)
    Find a Crash health upgrade collectible.
  • Roll It Up! (20 points)
    Fully upgrade RhinoRoller.
  • Night Fright (20 points)
    Fully upgrade Grimly.
  • Freezer Burn (25 points)
    Collect all Ice voodoo dolls.
  • N Is For Evil (25 points)
    Collect all evil school voodoo dolls.
  • Stand in the Sand (15 points)
    Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in Wasteland.
  • P Stinking U! (20 points)
    Fully Upgrade Stench.
  • Shadow Boxing (20 points)
    Defeat 75 Znu.
  • Glass Is Half Full (50 points)
    Complete 50% of the game.
  • Multi-Tasking (5 points)
    Store a Mutant while riding another one.
  • No Place Like Wumpa (25 points)
    Collect all Wumpa voodoo dolls.
  • Hot Stuff (25 points)
    Collect all Wasteland voodoo dolls.
  • Follow Your Nose (25 points)
    Stun 5 Sludges As Crash.
  • Easy Does It (15 points)
    Complete co-op balancing puzzle in Wumpa Island above the waterfall.
  • Whack-A-Nerd (20 points)
    Defeat 75 Ratnicians.
  • Break Them To It Gently (25 points)
    15x combo scored.
  • Crash Grab (50 points)
    Collect all Crash voodoo dolls
  • A Combo to Go (35 points)
    Defeat 50 enemies in co-op mode.
  • Shoot the Works (20 points)
    Fully upgrade Snipe.
  • Over Easy (15 points)
    Complete co-op balancing puzzle in Mount Grimly.
  • Lark In The Dark (15 points)
    Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in Mount Grimly.
  • Shell Shocked (20 points)
    Fully upgrade Magmadon.
  • Goo Squared (20 points)
    Fully Upgrade Sludge.
  • Fashion Fury (20 points)
    Defeat 75 Brat Girls.
  • Happy To See Me (5 points)
    Store a Mutant in your pocket.
  • Oo Oo Ah Ah (20 points)
    Defeat 75 Doom Monkeys.
  • Slap on the Wrist (20 points)
    Destroy 75 Slap-E robo-hands.
  • Can U Dig It? (5 points)
    Enter an underground space.
  • Girl Power (25 points)
    Beat Coco Boss Fight.
  • Big Shooter (35 points)
    Fire a large projectile from the mask in coop mode.
  • Chuck Is That You? (35 points)
    Score a 20x mojo multiplier via combat combos.
  • Spike the Punch (20 points)
    Stun 5 Spikes as Crash.
  • Snow Blows (15 points)
    Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in Ratcicle Kingdom.
  • Ice On The Cake (20 points)
    Fully upgrade Ratcicle.
  • Stone Cold Crash (15 points)
    Stun 5 Ratcicles as Crash.

Secret Achievements

  • Kick in the Junkyard (15 points)
    All junkyard arena minigame levels defeated.
  • Cold Feat (10 points)
    Two players Jack a Ratcicle at the same time.
  • Rumble in the Jungle (15 points)
    Beaten all 10 levels of arena minigame on Wumpa Island.
  • Stick it to Them (20 points)
    Fully upgraded Spike.

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