Crash Bandicoot: WARPED - NTSC-J

Note: None of the changes done for the PAL version were carried over besides the change from Crash's icon to Coco's in Ski Crazed and the cameo of Fake Crash in Hog Ride.

Title Screen

Title Screen

The title screen in this version is completely different. It features the Crash Bandy-kuu theme song heard in most Japanese media associated with Crash, and the logo animation is brand new. It also features Crash doing an extended version of his dance next to the options.

CG Movies

(contributed by Venusy)

This version has 5 bonus CG movies, each unlocked by beating a different boss. You can watch them through the following links: Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4 | Video 5


Crash 3 was one of the few games in Japan to have PocketStation compatibility. By connecting the game with a PocketStation device, you will unlock a mini-game that resembles a Tamagotchi. See more here.


Besides the  usual change in voice actors, Crash and Coco say some things during gameplay. For example, when Crash starts a motorcycle race doing a wheelie, he'll shout "Yaaaay!", and Coco will often make happy sounds when jumping off ramps with her Jet-Ski. Pura and the Baby-T have different voices too. When Coco sits on Pura, he meows like a little kitty, and Baby-T says "Yahoo!" whenever he lands from a jump.

Time Trials

All required times for relics are unique to this version. It's generally easier to get Sapphires here.

Ore Wa Aku Aku 3

Ore Wa Aku Aku 3

(contributed by Venusy)

Just like in previous games, Aku Aku gives you hints whenever you break one of his crates. This does not apply to Time Trial mode or the 3 stacked crates in Bug Lite.

Single Headers

(contributed by Venusy)

The hulking Lab Assistants in Double Headers have 1 head instead of 2. The Load/Save icon for this level was changed accordingly.

Crash Icon

Crash Icon

(contributed by Venusy)

Crash's icon in a level's stats is a higher-res version of extra life ions. This was also the case in prototype versions of the game.

No Neo November

No Neo November

(contributed by Micster)

Since Japan uses different alphabets, the snake tiles in tomb levels all have the letter "N" instead of spelling out "NEO". This makes sense because "N" is still Cortex's insignia in Japan.

Tiny's Late

Tiny first talks to you when you go to your 4th level rather than your 3rd one.

Pura Levels

This version has a lot less enemies in Pura levels compared to any other.


When Uka Uka is on Cortex's face, both voices are heard in unison.

Lip Sync

Strangely, only 2 cutscenes were changed so that the characters' lips would be synchronized with their dialog: the Cortex fight scene (if you have at least 100%) and the good ending.

Fake Crash

Some of Fake Crash's cameos have been omitted, but he does appear in Hog Ride, which was originally a PAL addition.

Bonus Video

(contributed by Hacc)

After completing the game, you're given a cheat code and some instructions to unlock this video.

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