Crash Bandicoot: WARPED - PAL

Time Trials

(contributed by Ntropydude)
  • Several levels have different relic times between NTSC and PAL.
  • NTSC times are rounded to the nearest 30th of a second and end in 0, 3 or 6 always.  PAL times are rounded to the nearest 25th of a second, so the hundredths are always divisible by 4 except when they end in 2, and they're never odd numbers.
  • Because of this, the Future Frenzy Developer's Time of 1:07:47 is believed to have been done on an early prototype version.
  • The missing times in levels 31 and 32 were added in the PAL version, which means you can no longer acquire a platinum relic automatically.


In the NTSC-U version, an error makes Aku Aku's nose become gray after you pick up 2 masks. In PAL, his nose is gray in his default state instead.

Underwater Aku Aku Crates

In PAL, if Crash already has 2 masks in an underwater level, all Aku Aku crates will turn into normal ones. While this doesn't happen in the NTSC-U version, picking up 3 masks still doesn't grant invincibility like in regular levels.


Some enemies are tougher in PAL:

  • The wizard assistants have an extra hit point. When you hit them for the first time, their robes and beard will disappear and they'll stay in their underpants, similar to when you shoot them with the bazooka in NTSC-U.
  • The knight assistants grunt once instead of twice before swinging their sword, meaning they attack more quickly.
  • The double-headed assistants swing their clubs faster.
  • UFO assistants take a shorter time to charge up their beams.
  • The missile-shooting robots in future levels shoot 4 missiles instead of 3.

Warp Sound

Rather than re-using the warp sound from Crash Bandicoot 2, a new sound is heard when you enter a level.

Boss Celebrations

The mistake where Crash didn't do his dance after defeating Tiny was fixed. On the other hand, you can no longer hear N. Tropy's dialog after you defeat him unless you quickly make your way back to the first platform, or else you'll get sucked out of the level, as Crash doesn't do his dance there.

Level Stats

The bug that prevented the stats from showing up after retrieving an item from the extra Warp Room was fixed. Ski Crazed's character icon was also appropriately changed from Crash to Coco.

Fake Crash

Besides appearing in Toad Village and Makin' Waves, Fake Crash also appears in Hog Ride now.

Bazooka Aim

It's no longer possible to invert the vertical aim for the bazooka in the pause menu.

Mercy Masks

Unlike the NTSC-U version, you can't get 2 masks if you die too many times on the same checkpoint.

Pura Levels

The Pura levels have more enemies added to them.

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