Crash Tag Team Racing - Console Differences

PlayStation 2

The game is identical across all three home consoles, but the PlayStation 2 version has a few unique quirks. The game runs at a locked rate of 30 frames per second (whereas it's unlocked in the GameCube and Xbox versions, albeit with frequent dips). It also features connectivity with the PlayStation Portable version, featuring 2 unlockable battle arenas and an extra car for each character.

PlayStation Portable

Note: All of the changes made for PAL regions were carried over to the PlayStation Portable release worldwide.

  • Exclusive Content: The PSP version features 2 exclusive battle arenas, The Tragic Kingdom and Fight Like an Egyptian, in place of Extinction Party and Jungle Rumble. There is one exclusive car for each character as well, replacing one from the other versions. However, both the PlayStation 2 and the PSP version can unlock each other's alternate goodies through a USB cable.
  • Boarded Windows: The windows inside Von Clutch's castle are covered with wooden boards, so you can't see through them (probably done due to technical limitations).
  • Wumpa Whip: The screen won't glow when you pick up Wumpa Whip.
  • Clashing Effects: The screen doesn't gain the dark blue filter when you're clashing.
  • First Person Shooting: When you're using a turret, the camera doesn't zoom in for better aim.
  • Turret Animations: Some characters like Crunch have a different animation for when they're using a turret.
  • Final Lap Music: Oddly, the bad version of the final lap music always plays during the second lap.
  • Missing Objects: Due to the more limited hardware, some things like lamp posts, speakers, signs, and people are missing. There are less outfits for the random passersby too.
  • Debug Camera: The debug camera cheat was removed entirely since the hardware would make it impossible to work properly.
  • Shadows: Crash is the only character in the game who has a shadow.
  • Music: The music is no longer attached to specific spots in hubs, so you always get to hear it at the same volume regardless of your position. This means Midway features the main theme (normally heard near the Von Clutch statue).
  • Co-op: The co-op mode forces you to stay clashed during the entire race, so there are only 4 cars.

Cars and Arenas

The PSP version has 2 exclusive battle arenas: The Tragic Kingdom and Fight Like an Egyptian, in place of Extinction Party and Jungle Rumble. Not only that, but each character has an exclusive car replacing one from the other console versions. The content missing from the remaining versions can be unlocked by linking the game to the PlayStation 2 version via link cable. This also unlocks all of the PSP-exclusive content in the PlayStation 2 version (sadly, there is no way to get it on the Xbox or GameCube releases).

Cosmetic Changes

Many cosmetic changes were introduced (mostly to keep the frame rate smooth on the PSP's more limited hardware):

  • The windows in Von Clutch's castle you see while taking the lift down to the Midway are all boarded up, so you can't see through them.
  • Collecting Wumpa Whip doesn't make everything glow.
  • The screen doesn't turn dark blue while clashing.
  • Many lamp posts, speakers, signs, and NPCs are missing. The NPCs' clothes are less diverse too.
  • Crash is the only character with a shadow.

First Person Shooting

When using a turret on a clashed car, the camera doesn't zoom in for better aim.

Turret Animations

Some characters, such as Crunch, animate differently while using a turret.


  • The music around the park isn't fixed on specific spots like it comes out of loudspeakers, so the volume remains consistent regardless of your position. This also means the only theme you hear in the Midway is the main one, usually heard best near the initial lift.
  • The final lap's musical variations now start playing during the second lap, and you're stuck with the tunes that would usually play when you were in 3rd to 6th place.


The co-op mode now forces you to stay clashed, which translates into races of 4 cars only.

Debug Camera

The Debug Camera cheat was removed in this version, as it required 2 controllers with 2 analog sticks each.


Compared to the PlayStation 2 version, farting during the loading screen was switched from the Triangle button to Circle.

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