Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back - NTSC-J

Note: None of the changes done for the PAL version were carried over.

Title Screen

Title Screen

The title screen features the "Kurasshu Bandy-Kuu" song that is associated with Crash in Japan. Additionally, the text related to Sony Computer Entertainment has a gradient applied to it.

Ore Wa Aku Aku 2

Ore Wa Aku Aku 2

Like the previous game's Japanese version, Aku Aku gives you hints whenever you break one of his crates. This time, however, he speaks to you in a slightly upgraded 3D model, instead of displaying a text hint. You can skip any hint with the Triangle button.

On a side-note, this is the model you see in Crash Team Racing whenever Aku Aku speaks to you.

Bonus Video

(contributed by Hacc)

After completing the game, you're given a cheat code and some instructions to unlock this video.

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