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Note: This will only work in the demo versions of the game or in a non-Platinum release of the PAL version.

How to activate it (submitted by Hacc): Input the following with the D-Pad in the main menu:

Left, Right
Left, Right, Right
Left, Right, Right, Right
Left, Right, Right, Right, Right
Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right

(Good job, PaRappa!)

Make sure you input it correctly because you will not get a confirmation sound in some versions of the game. After that, just start up a game and pause to find the cheat menu at the bottom.

What it does: The cheat menu is incredibly neat. You can do all sorts of stuff with it, such as awarding yourself any prize, play any level, and do crazy things like making yourself invulnerable or giving your opponents the AI of a dead palm tree. It even works in demos, and you can play almost every level from the full game (read more about those levels here).

How to use it: The menu varies depending on which demo you're using, or if you're using the original PAL release. Most of the features are the same, though:

LEVEL SELECTOR - Self-explanatory.
CHEAT FLAGS - This lets you use such cheats like invulnerability, freezing the timer, making your opponents brain-dead, and so on. Use left or right to enable a cheat. Cheats that are active are marked with an asterisk (*).
TWEAK SETTINGS - This is a more complex sub-menu that allows you to change the game's internal settings, as well as the mode you're playing. To change modes, use the very first option in this sub-menu. This allows you to quickly alternate between a Trophy to a Crystal challenge, for example. To test it out, press the Select button to restart the level with your changes applied.
TWEAK AWARDS - Treat yourself with every prize there is to collect. You know you want it.
VIEW STATS - View the statistics for every player and level in the game.
ADJUST LEVEL - Adjust some of the gameplay features in a few levels such as Dash races.

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