Crash Twinsanity - Regional Differences - NTSC-J


(contributed by Micster)

The menu and HUD fonts are different.

Crazy Walrus

In the chase scene from High Seas Hi-Jinks, Rusty runs in a completely lunatic pattern, often completely turning around at certain points, making the whole experience a lot less difficult and definitely weirder. I wonder what exactly he was cooking back there.

Evil Cockroach

(contributed by Micster)

The PlayStation 2 version in PAL and NTSC-J regions has a notorious glitch where Evil Crash runs around in circles instead of chasing Cortex in Bandicoot Pursuit. This doesn't affect the gameplay, but it does look rather silly.

A Hero's Trailer

(contributed by Micster)

The NTSC-U version features a trailer for Spyro: A Hero's Tail in the extras menu, which is unlocked from the start. It's missing from the PAL and NTSC-J versions entirely.

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