Crash Twinsanity - On-disc Content

If you look at the data in the Twinsanity game disc, you can find a lot of unused text and files for unused content. The lines in quotation marks are displayed exactly how they're written in the disc, typos and everything (the lack of capitalization was intended though, since the game is automatically caps-locked).

Text Hints

(contributed by Hacc and Venusy)

The following text hints aren't present in the game, and many of them refer to unused situations. Some of them are quite

These were taken from the PS2 disc. "[" means Square button, and "]" means Circle button. "~" symbolizes a new line.

  • "use tractor beam to get 10 energy balls in the hopper"
  • "use the left analog stick to drive the ufo" (there was a UFO planned for Cortex to fly)
  • "press ] over an energy ball to use trator beam~to pick it up or drop it"
  • "use the left analogue stick to steer the hoverboard~hold r1 to hover higher and slower"
  • "tap [ to shoot laser bolts~hold [ for a charged shot"
  • "chase and shoot down all the flying saucers~before the blast door opens!"
  • "wrestle bowler-monkeys to win a bonus."
  • "use spin and ] to super-punch." (the super punch is actually seen in the demo, but this text hint never pops up)
  • "normal shots just bounce off those lollipops!~use the charge blast to disarm the teddies" (definitely from the removed level Gone a Bit Coco. Ironically, the charge blast move has no purpose in any other levels, and since this one was removed, it's now completely useless.)
  • "shoot mme. amberley in the back, like a dog." (not hard to see why this hint was never used...)
  • "give him something to chew on"
  • "use the left analog stick to control the hover scooter" (one part in the game would have required the player to control Cortex while riding his hover scooter).
  • "use cortex to clear a path for crash" (possibly a reference to how you have to throw Cortex at switches. A similar hint is seen in-game.)
  • "hit ] to unleash the chainsaw." (for Mecha-Bandicoot. You can't use his chainsaw in the game, though.)

Unused Animations

(contributed by Venusy)

These are unused sections and animations. Of particular interest is a couple of lines that suggests Twinsanity was intended to have co-op play. Also interesting are the Cortex mini-games (supposedly parodying Pac-Man and Space Invaders).


Changed Dialogue

(contributed by Venusy)

This is from the introductory cutscene in Totem Hokum. Notice the different dialogue, complete with mild cursing:

"you gotta help me crash!!
they want to dress me in drag!
with pig tails! pig tails dammit!
what did i do to deserve this?
how i envy the simple life of the tribesfolk...
hoog-ga-ba-do-da!! ( ...clap...clap...clap... )
living in harmony with mother nature...
the noble boar,
the humble bee...
argghh!!! the stinging....the pain!!!!! not good.."

Shoeless Crash

(contributed by Venusy)

One of the lines in the game's data reads "CR_Crash_no_shoes_CR__CR__lambert1". According to one of the game's 3D artists, Crash was initially intended to be shoeless upon starting a new game, so this line could be a reference to it.

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