Crash Twinsanity - SpaceCat Trivia Part 5

Evil Twins Game Over Taunts

FakeNina - Dec 02, 2012

Mecha-Bandicoot Level

FakeNina - Aug 18, 2013

With the Evil Twins' 'Vice-Versa Reverser Device' sucking all the goodness out of N. Sanity Island, Dr. Cortex takes extreme measures...

Throwing Cortex Cutscene

FakeNina - Apr 13, 2014

This low-resolution movie is the full length version of Dr. Cortex's 'Cavern Catastrophe' appeal for the player to trust him. It was recorded and fully animated before somebody rightly pointed out that this dialog would only work for the PlayStation version!

Replaying Twinsanity

FakeNina - Sep 17, 2016

Dr. Cortex invites you to replay Crash Twinsanity!

Lex Lang as himself

Extended Deathbot Cutscene

FakeNina - Sep 25, 2016

As a birdcage transforms into a robot, and logic flies out of the window, Dr. Cortex just wants to go home.

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