Crash Twinsanity - SpaceCat Trivia Part 4

Rehab Lab

Rehab Lab

There are also stages in an(sic) reversed dimension where an evil Crash and a truly worthless Cortex must go to continue the battle against The Evil Twins. In these areas, the Doc-Amuk(sic) side-scrolling gameplay is reversed as Crash is required to injure Cortex to get the madman back on track. In this opposite condition, the pretty, pretty butterflies distract Cortex, and he is nothing more than a nonsensical goon.
— GameInformer

FakeNina- 02:37pm Oct 24, 2005 GMT +0

This is the intro to the Rehab Lab level, as described in the Game Informer article. The game mode was called Mock A Doc and the aim was to make a joyful 'good' Dr. Cortex as angry as possible.


H04/A V.1


The Psychetron falls quiet. We begin at floor level. Crash's toes have burst from his sneakers, the first indication that something has changed. At the top of the frame Cortex's feet dangle limply.

We track up to find the pair clinging to each other ; still Crash and Cortex, but strangely different. Startled Cortex pushes himself away.

DR. CORTEX (afraid) Something's wrong, something's changed.

The doctor looks at Crash, twisted and feral, his fur a deep red colour.

DR. CORTEX A malfunction, our personalities - switched!

He stops abruptly, staring off into middle distance.

DR. CORTEX (a realization) If you're evil, I must be---

He puts a hand to the 'N' on his forehead, finds it reversed. A spasm wracks his body.

DR. CORTEX (choked) A pain, in my chest!

DR. CORTEX (through gritted teeth) I---feel---

Cortex has a revelation, a moment of insane ecstacy.

DR. CORTEX (benignly, in a small child-like voice) ---happy?

DR. CORTEX (wails) ---And I can't stand it!

Cortex lurches toward Nina, who takes two steps back, uneasy.

DR. CORTEX ( strained, scary) Help me!

DR. CORTEX (fighting the words) Nina, I'm so--- proud of you.

Cortex pushes her away, appalled.


He staggers back, sagging against a plinth upon which stands a beautiful flower.

DR. CORTEX (inhaling deeply) Aaah, Dendrobium thysiflorum, the prettiest of all Orchids.

DR. CORTEX (horrified) Gaahh!

Cortex reels away in horror, turning to find a beautiful kitten sleeping atop another plinth. Cortex strokes the kitten, cooing.

DR. CORTEX (baby talk) Ood Mister Tiddles wike a dwink of milk?

DR. CORTEX (disgusted) Nyaah!

Cortex takes a few steps.

DR. CORTEX (pitifully) Make it stop.

Evil Crash spins Cortex, knocking him on his butt. Cortex reacts angrily.

DR. CORTEX You imbicile! What do you---

He gasps and stops short. Cortex leaps to his feet, issuing a command.

DR. CORTEX (grandly) Prepare the Rehab Lab!


DR. CORTEX Please.

UFO Race

UFO Race

There was a racing section between Cortex and the ants, in flying UFO vehicles.

The Koala Kong X-press

The Koala Kong X-press

SpaceCat- 02:49pm Jul 25, 2006 GMT +0

At one point early on in the development of the game, there was going to be a level played out over a massive locomotive, that was speeding along the tracks towards an area called the Crate Factory (In the 10th Dimension). The train was called The Koala Kong X-press/ or the N-Brio Express (was never finalised who it would belong to) but Koala Kong would be in the drivers seat.
The area was planned to begin with Crash and Cortex finding an old railroad cart (the one that you need 2 people to operate - can't remember the actual name) and a short section would see the players steering it towards the screen while being chased by boulders and eventually the N.Brio monster. They eventually reach the train and hop on the back, and were to make it to the front of the train whilst it was slowly being devoured by the N. Brio monster.
A short Boss Fight with Koala Kong would take place after this.

The idea was quickly dropped as it was deemed to be a bit to complicated to implement, but is was kept on the shelf ready for the time TT might have made a sequel.

A VERY quick sketch of the section is attached below (note very quick - it was actually done in SpaceCat's first week at TT Oxford - hence the poorer quality)

The Bug Run

The Bug Run

SpaceCat- 03:16pm Jul 25, 2006 GMT +0

Jungle Bugle was originally going to split off into 2 routes at the point where you first meet the Greedy Worm (just after coming out of the first cave) - The right hand route would have taken you along the usually path, but where the waterfall is (to the left of the Shield Native Villager and the TNT crate) there was a hole in the ground that led you to an underground cave. This is where you would have encountered an area that became known as "The Bug Run" - a section of gameplay whereby Crash would run into the screen being chased by a horde of bugs. Unfortunately this section was WAY too difficult, and so a similair section was moved into Classroom Chaos later on in the game.
At the end of the section you would have exited out of the cliff section just before the Mecha Bandicoot fight (right after the small sled slide) and the game would have continued as normal.

To indicate the split in the level, 2 wall paintings were created. The one that points to the Greedy Worm jump is still in the game I believe, but this one would have gone to the left of it, pointing in the opposite direction.

Unused Tenth Dimension Events

Unused Tenth Dimension Events

SpaceCat- 05:49pm Jul 28, 2006 GMT +0

The alternate dimension was originally supposed to encompase alternate versions of all 3 of the main islands from the original Crash Bandicoot. The ocean in the alternate dimension had dried up for some unknown reason, and so in order to travel across the islands Cortex would use his hoverboard over the dry ocean floor with Crash perched on his shoulders. Once Crash and Cortex reached the alternate version of the 3rd island (the one that houses Cortex's old lab in the original dimension) they would stumbe across a huge birdcage. Inside there would be a humble prisoner, Good Cortex, whom the twins had imprisoned. If I recall correctly, you couldn't rescue him, as Cortex would deem him too deadly to be released.

In place of Cortex castle would have been the Crate Factory (the place where all the Crates are made on long lines of conveyor belts). A new crate, the Time Crate was to be introduced here, and when smashed would stop time for a short while (or slow it down a la the matrix) allowing crash to avoid certain otherwise impassable obstacles. Here you would also have a race with the master of time, N.Tropy using the crates to slow him down.
Once the race was complete, N.tropy would be unable to stop running as he was going at such a speed, that he would crash out of the wall of the Crate Factory and into a huge pile of crates that were blocking a waterfall. Eventually the waterfall would flow again, filling up the ocean and therefore allowing access to progress further on into the game.

Boat Mini-Game
Boat Mini-Game

Boat Mini-Game

(Note: The large man who would let Crash use his boat was named Capu Capu. Only his boat remains in the game, but his dialogue is still present when you approach it.)

SpaceCat- 05:55pm Jul 28, 2006 GMT +0

The boat ride that takes you from N.Sanity Island to the Iceberg Lair was originally designed to incorparate a mini game of sorts. Crash would stand atop the boat whilst a legion of piranha's would leap out of the water. Crash had to spin them back across the ocean, and see how many he could defeat before reaching the other shore.
At one point it was revealed that all the piranhas would eventually end up landing on a small deserted island that Fake Crash and Crunch were stranded on, and start chomping away at them as they scream in terror.
(The small deserted island is actually in one of the concepts that was drawn by SpaceCat and colored by RmAlbon - the one with all the islands on - and Crunch and Fake Crash can be seen)

Bonus Level

Bonus Level

FakeNina- 08:11am Dec 8, 2005 GMT +0

That was a bonus level set in a harbour where capu's boat was waiting.

Extras Museum

SpaceCat- 05:59pm Jul 28, 2006 GMT +0

In order for the extras/storyboards and concept artwork to be unlocked, it was originally devised that you would need to take them to a small museum on N.Sanity island. At one point Crunch would have been the resident, and you would hand the gems over to him and more artwork would be unlocked.
The photo that is taken at the end of Crash Bandicoot Advance 2 (for the GBA) that showed N.Tropy being captured by Crash, Crunch and Coco(?) was to be put up on the wall behind Crunch.
(not sure if this would have been out of canon - so good thing it ended up being left out)

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