Crash Twinsanity - SpaceCat Trivia Part 3

Megalomaniac Mind Mania
Megalomaniac Mind Mania

Megalomaniac Mind Mania

FakeNina - 02:42pm Mar 5, 2005 PST

Another level was cut at a very early stage called MEGALOMANIAC MIND MANIA. The Psychetron transports Crash into Dr. Cortex's Brainovial Hyperbarium. The aim was to explore Cortex's twisted mind and discover the identity of the Evil Twins. Every enemy character was an ugly version of Dr. Cortex (that is where SpaceCat Trivia picture #20 is from). The whole level was to be a musical number, sung by Dr. Cortex called 'Take a walk through My brains'

FakeNina - 11:16am Mar 8, 2005 PST

Here are some lyrics from the introduction to the song. The song was never worked on much beyond these ideas, since the level was dropped at a very early stage. The introduction was to be spoken/sung.


I remember with dismay/ The mishap with evolvo-ray/ From the moment my machine went wrong/ It's been clear we don't get along/ You embody all that I despise,/ I'm sure that comes as no surprise./

Of all the creatures I'd created/ How could I've anticipated/ A bandicoot with special needs/ Would spoil all my evil deeds./

And just when things could get no worse/ Back from another universe,/ Twin parrots driven half-insane/ Returned with plans to steal my brain./ Two products of my selfish gene/ (The wreckage of a childhood dream)/ Have forced us to work as a team/

I've tried so hard to make amends/ And we've become -dare I say?- friends./ We've grown through adversity,/ And now you've seen the inner me/ You think old Cortex ain't so bad/ I'm sorry to say - you've been had.../

Evil Coco Cutscene

FakeNina - 02:49pm Mar 22, 2005 PST


Cortex and Nina try to hug each other. We hear a creaking sound, like timber under stress, as Dr. Cortex forces his body to display some affection.

An unfamiliar voice interrupts their reunion.

EVIL COCO (OS) Ain't that sweet?

A lissom, feminine figure stands silhouetted in the doorway of Evil Crash's house.

EVIL COCO It's a real man who ain't afraid to show his feelings - And my Mom tells me real men prefer their Coco hot and bitter.

Evil Coco slips from the doorway into the light. She is the polar opposite of Coco - dumb, flirtatious and trashy - who Crash's sister would be if she had made all the wrong life choices.

Wide-eyed, Cortex swallows hard.

DR. CORTEX (stammers) I'm not thirsty. Let's go.

Cortex's Reluctance

FakeNina - 12:07pm Mar 25, 2005 PST

Okay, here's some more triva, Crash fans. Even more dialogue from Dr. Cortex, spoken when he has been thrown to activate a switch, or push a button.

Dr. Cortex reluctantly finds and triggers switches.

DRC118_01 DR. CORTEX (grumbling) Lousy, stinkin' Bandicoot!

DRC118_02 DR. CORTEX (whiny) 'Pull the lever Cortex, Push the button Cortex, throw the switch Cortex.'

DRC118_03 DR. CORTEX (shouts) I have a heart condition!

DRC118_04 DR. CORTEX (bitterly) Did Frankenstein throw his own switches? Did Jekyll push his own buttons?

DRC118_05 DR. CORTEX (relenting) I'll do it, I'll do it.

DRC118_06 DR. CORTEX (under his breath) ...pathetic...loser...

Ball Mini-Game

FakeNina - 11:37am Apr 20, 2005 PST

Here is a deleted scene, from the journey to the 10th dimension:

The team are ready to attempt the jump to the 10th dimension. But first there is work to be done.

DRC298_P01 DR. CORTEX (very quickly, with authority) To confibrillate the Psychetron these six disjunctal globiforms must be interphasified with the positron receptors before the quantum dilation stage calamitizes.

Crash looks blank.

DRC298_P02 DR. CORTEX (sighs) (pronouncing every syllable, loudly, like trying to explain something while on holiday in France) PUSH THE BALLS INTO THE HOLES AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

N. Trance

N. Trance

SpaceCat - 10:20am Jul 15, 2005 PST

Ntrance was included to try to make some crossover between the different storylines of the nd/tt and vv games. Ntrance was built and textured but was cut because there were so many characters appearing in some cutscenes and it was becoming slow to load. The treasure room is an especially character-heavy scene. so the egg got dropped.

FakeNina - 8:32pm Feb 10, 2006 GMT +0

Ntrance was going to be one of the doctors chasing after the treasure. When the team saw evil crash in the 10th dimension he was going to be eating ntrance's brain with a spoon, like an egg. later ntrance would turn up with a plaster over the crack. It was left out, because it's a bit gross.

World Maps
World Maps
World Maps

World Maps

FakeNina - 11:20am Aug 28, 2005 GMT +0

Lava Caves

Lava Caves

FakeNina- 02:11pm Oct 22, 2005 GMT +0

The entrance to the Lava Caves would have been below the Lab in the 10th Dimension. The lava caves were the 10th dimensional equivalent of Ice Climb. Extra entrances exist all through the game. They were meant to give a bit of flexability if anything needed to move around. The Skull Cave on Nsanity Island was one of those.

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