Crash Twinsanity - Cavern Catastrophe

Cavern Catastrophe is the first level in the demo. It differs quite a lot in this early build, especially right after the initial slope you go down.

Narrator's description

"With his plans once more thwarted by that moronic marsupial, Dr. Cortex takes on Crash in a no-holds-barred fist fight, mano-a-bandicooto. Little do they know the perils that await them in Cavern Catastrophe!"


Cortex's Rocketsled is missing from the cave entrance.



Instead of rollerbrawling up to the crystal, you get a little break after you go down the first slope. It triggers the cutscene with Cortex telling Crash to throw him. From there, you can drag and throw Cortex just like in the final version. This doesn't make sense because the characters are joined by a crystal they have yet to find. After that, you rollerbrawl into another cave. It's the same as in the game, but when the path splits up, the skull sign is on the right instead of on the left.

Cortex's Yelling

When you throw Cortex, his scream will stop when he hits the floor, rather than continue screaming after he's landed.

Cave Crystals

The crystals you have to hit in a sequence are missing from the demo, so the ceiling collapses by itself.



Before the bit with all the waterwheels, several bats will attack Crash and Cortex if they stay in the same place for too long.

Waterwheel Panic

Waterwheel Panic

Several bombs are constantly being dropped into the waterwheels. If you enter the first waterwheel close to a bomb, it will eventually explode Crash and Cortex. It doesn't even have to be too close to them, which makes things a bit frustrating.

Animations and Dialog

The Ant drill cutscene is animated differently, and the way Cortex says his line isn't the same as in the final version. There is no sound for when he grabs the crystal.

Ant Drill

The green buttons on the Ant drill are smaller.


The demo ends as soon as the Ant drill opens its doors.

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