Crash Twinsanity - SpaceCat Trivia Part 1

A few months after Crash Twinsanity was released, two key elements from Traveller's Tales Oxford Studio, Keith Webb and Paul Gardner (known at the time as SpaceCat and FakeNina, respectively), took it upon themselves to share much of the game's development history and concept art with the fans at the game's official forum. What follows is an archive of their posts along with the art they enclosed.

Most of these posts follow their original order, but some have been merged or switched for cohesion and better flow, and some art and videos have been added where appropriate.

Ocean Doc Amok

SpaceCat - 03:16am Jan 7, 2005 PST

Early on in the development cycle, there was going to be a level set on the floor of a dry ocean bed. There was a cutscene in which Cortex spies a crystal concealed within the mouth of a huge clam. As he approached it, the clam snapped shut on his head causing Cortex to run around frantically, and this led straight into another Doc Amok Level (Like Totem Hokem and Bandicoot Pursuit). Crash had to clear Toxic barrels and other obstacles out of the way. About a third of the way through, Cortex fell into a small rock pool,and emerged with a squid grabbing onto his head. About two thirds of the way through, he emerged with a giant Shark with it Jaws clamped tight around his head. Considerations were also made for the level to continue through the wreckage of N.Gins battleship, stranded on the sea floor.

Krazy Komodo Crash Course

Krazy Komodo Crash Course

SpaceCat - 03:47am Jan 7, 2005 PST

As well as N.Sanity Island in the first dimension, The other two islands from the first Crash Bandicoot game were going to be included. The Second Island made use of the huge tree (A level in which Nina used her abilities to swing and climb all the way to the top, above the clouds), and the ancient temples. Also on this Island, the Komodo Brothers had set up a race track, A sort of parody/tribute to the Sega game OutRun, in which Cortex (still dressed in his blonde wig) would sit in the passenger seat, frantically complaining about Crash's driving, while Crash drove speedily around the track. The gimmick, however, was that the vehicle had no breaks.

Playable Coco

SpaceCat - 07:12am Jan 7, 2005 PST

Coco Bandicoot was originally going to be a playable character. All of her levels were to take place inside Cyberspace, where she used her skills to hack her way through computer systems. When she was in this mode, she wore an all black jump suit, and had a variety of jumping and sommersault kicks at her disposal. The levels themselves looked like a cross between tron and the matrix, and the first of these levels was to be called "Security Insanity" where Coco had to hack into the security system of Cortex's old laboratory/castle from the very first game. The main enemies featured throughout this level were the lab assistants (dressed up to look similair to agents from the matrix). Once Coco had hacked her way into Cortex's old lab, the Airship/Blimp was unlocked, and all 3 characters headed off to the Academy of Evil.

Victor and Moritz

SpaceCat - 07:16am Jan 7, 2005 PST

The Twins names Victor and Moritz come from a charater from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, called Victor Moritz. It was a tribute to a mad scientist creating his first creation in a lab. At one point they were going to be named Squabble and Sqwawk.

Nina in Crash Nitro Kart

Nina in Crash Nitro Kart

SpaceCat - 08:29am Jan 7, 2005 PST

Nina Cortex was originally created as a character for an earlier version of Crash Nitro Kart, back when it was going to be developed by TT. At this early stage, it was not clear whether she was going to be Neo's daughter or Niece. Hence the deliberate discrepencies regarding her relation in Twinsanity. Her appearence was actually based slightly on one of the designers at TT Oxford.(This may or may not be true) And She used to wear a white lab coat, the same as Neo.

FakeNina - 10:49pm Feb 6, 2006 GMT +0

I just got permission from the artist to post this. I posted it on the tag team racing board, thought I would put it here too. It's the first ever picture of Nina. Please be enjoying it.

Grayscale Tenth Dimension

Grayscale Tenth Dimension

SpaceCat - 09:50am Jan 14, 2005 PST

There was a time when the tenth dimension was going to be completely "Gray-scale", devoid of any color. Only Crash was going to be in color, until certain sections were completed and then color would start fading into the world.

Dinner with Tawna

Dinner with Tawna

SpaceCat - 09:54am Jan 14, 2005 PST

Dingodile was originally sitting down in his shack for a romantic meal, with none other than the infamous....Tawna Bandicoot, as opposed to reading a book, just prior to High Seas Hi-Jinks. Due to time restrictions this Cut-scene was shortened, but the storyboards still appear depicting this in the Extras gallery.

(And yes that is a picture of Tawna on the Moulin Cortex Sign in Slip Slide Icescapades.)

Good Cortex

SpaceCat - 09:52am Jan 21, 2005 PST

Time permiiting, There was going to be a good Cortex in the 10th dimension. Here's an exerpt of the script in whuch he appeared (and ultimately dissappeared)


DRC300_P DR. CORTEX (gravely) We must be careful. Any contact with our ten-dimensional counterparts could have dire consequences for all of existence!

A booming, friendly voice interrupts him.

DRC301_P GOOD DR. CORTEX (warmly) Welcome to the tenth dimension!

Startled, Cortex draws his ray gun, spins round and fires. Good Dr. Cortex is disintegrated.

GOOD DR. CORTEX (screams)

Dr. Cortex closes his eyes, mortified, as his counterpart crumbles into black ash. He opens one eye, expecting to witness the destruction of the Universe. Nothing has changed.

DRC301_P DR. CORTEX (beat) (shrugs casually) forget I said anything.

A thought occurs to Dr. Cortex.

DRC302_P DR.CORTEX (carefully, as it slowly dawns on him) Wait. If that was good Dr. Cortex, there must be...

From the shadows leaps Evil Crash, hunchbacked and feral.

DRC303_P DR. CORTEX Evil Crash!

Cortex and Coco

SpaceCat - 04:54am Jan 24, 2005 PST

Once Coco had been paralyzed by the Psychetron, Cortex used this opportunity to humiliate her even more...

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