Crash Twinsanity - SpaceCat Trivia Part 2

Hyper PS2 Scan

Hyper PS2 Scan

SpaceCat - 04:56am Jan 24, 2005 PST

VU Japan are currently running a Twinsanity promotion in the monthly Hyper PS2 magazine. Attached is a rare look at the ice-berg lab from the game.

Nina Origins
Nina Origins

Nina Origins

SpaceCat - 08:29am Jan 7, 2005 PST

Nina Cortex was originally created as a character for an earlier version of Crash Nitro Kart, back when it was going to be developed by TT. At this early stage, it was not clear whether she was going to be Neo's daughter or Niece. Hence the deliberate discrepencies regarding her relation in Twinsanity. Her appearence was actually based slightly on one of the designers at TT Oxford.(This may or may not be true) And She used to wear a white lab coat, the same as Neo.

SpaceCat - 06:03pm Jul 28, 2006 GMT +0

Nina Cortex was created by TT Oxford (originally as a character in a Nitro Kart style game), however as Twinsanity took so long to produce - Crash Purple for the GBA was created and released during the lifespan of Twinsanity. Now we were under the impression that Twinsanity was going to be Nina's debut - so imagine our surprise when we saw a preview screen of Crash Purple on IGN that showed Nina playable in a bonus game! How about that? No one mentioned anything to us!!

FakeNina - 10:49pm Feb 6, 2006 GMT +0

I just got permission from the artist to post this. It's the first ever picture of Nina. Please be enjoying it.

FakeNina- 11:03pm Feb 25, 2006 GMT +0

at first Nina looked like the drawing, Then she was built just because she was so cool. She had a body like Cortex's. When she was formally put into twinsanity she was built properly.

Bear Chase

Bear Chase

FakeNina - 05:35am Jan 29, 2005 PST

run Cortex, run...

Monkey Brawl

Originally when you walked into Crash's garden(outside his house) ... A blue Monkey wearing a bowler hat would leap on you and wrestle you to the ground. A gameplay mechanic (similair to Rollerbrawl) would take place, whereby you had to pin the Monkey to the ground for long enough in order to escape.

I can't remember why it was removed though, so don't ask.

Gone a Bit Coco

Gone a Bit Coco

FakeNina - 10:16am Feb 2, 2005 PST

Hidden level? What hidden level?....

FakeNina - 02:47pm Mar 5, 2005 PST

The area of Crash's brain into which the Psychetron sends Dr. Cortex is called the Brainovial Hyperbarium.

Dr. Cortex: Interesting. The malfunction has opened a portal into Coco's Brainovial Hyperbarium- the well from which her personality springs, like sugar water.

(with fear in his voice) What pastel-colored horrors await in there, I wonder...

Working Titles

FakeNina - 07:46am Feb 10, 2005 PST

Working Titles for Twinsanity included: Crash Evolution Crash Bandicoot: Fully Fluxed Crash Bandicoot: A Whole New Dimension and Crash Bandicoot: Tandemonium

SpaceCat came up with the name 'Twinsanity' with seconds to go...

Unused High Seas Hijinks Scenes

FakeNina - 10:51am Feb 22, 2005 PST

Here is the missing dialogue from the storyboards for Highseas Hijinks


Cortex is wearing his Coco Bandicoot disguise.

DRC195 DR. CORTEX I thought it best if I came in disguise. We don't want to attract the wrong kind of attention.

We cut to a long view of the pair, seen through a telescope.

DRC196 DR. CORTEX (VO) Search the engine room, we shall meet on deck.


Cut to close view of Ngin, peering through a telescope. He wolf-whistles, takes the lens from his eye and looks to the camera.

NGN197 NGIN That's my kind of woman!

Ngin swings in and snatches Cortex, carrying him high into the rigging.


Cortex is tied to the mast, still dressed in his disguise. He covers his face with a hankerchief. Ngin is smitten.

NGN199 NGIN Ahoy you delightful, exquisite creature. You have enchanted me, for you are Aphrodite - a goddess born of the sea.

Cortex giggles and flutters his eyes.

DRC200_P DR. CORTEX (giggles coyly)

Ngin pushes this lovely creature's hand aside, only to reveal the face of Dr. Cortex.

NGN201 NGIN (GASPS) Dr. Cortex?...
(To Camera) ...How confusing!

Nina's Animals

Nina's Animals

FakeNina - 02:34pm Mar 5, 2005 PST

The hooks that Nina grabs hold of and swings from were originally meant to be cute birdies and lizards. She was going to grab the animal because she loves animals so much, but would accidentally squeeze them until their eyes popped out. This idea got cut, because it is a bit gross.

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