Crash Twinsanity - Jungle Bungle

This level includes the entirety of N. Sanity Island's first portion, along with most of Jungle Bungle, lacking only the boss fights. There are quite a few differences:

Narrator's description

"In this scene, Dr. Cortex uses a clever ruse in order to lure Crash into a trap. But nothing goes to plan where Crash is concerned. In fact, it's a real Jungle Bungle!"

N. Sanity Island

N. Sanity Island

Near the beginning, Aku Aku doesn't talk to you like he does in the game (his crate is missing as well). Crash starts on top of the checkpoint instead of a few feet away. There's no hole in the sand near the loin chairs and the bird flock in the sky isn't present.

Cortex only appears in Jungle Bungle itself, instead of in the grassy area of N. Sanity Island. A fallen log separates N. Sanity Island from Jungle Bungle, and a few chickens are found on the other side.

Bad Monkeys!

The 3 monkeys in the demo are much more aggressive. Though they still harmlessly throw fruit at Crash, they will also attack him if he stands close to them.

Mute Birds

There are no ambient sounds of birds singing.


After Cortex spins the skunk, he just keeps running against the log until you get there (at which point he walks over it without a jumping animation). When jumping over the hole, Cortex says "alley oop" like he does after jumping on the worm, but in a different way. He also doesn't say the blonde joke.

When Cortex gets smacked by the log, it comes from the right and he falls into the left hole. It's hard to say why this was changed to the opposite. You can also move the camera around, so you can see an empty hole where Cortex falls into. You can't move the camera in the final version during this bit.


The worms don't grunt when they bite or get jumped on.

Spiky Tortoise

Spiky Tortoise

The same tortoise from the December 2003 Prototype is still present in the demo, indicating that its replacement with the angry skunk happened quite late into development. The tortoise is exactly the same as in the prototype, only with a different voice when it gets hit.

Different ending

Different ending

When Cortex takes off his disguise, he'll animate differently and say "Surprised to see me, Crash?" (this line was redone for the final version). After that, he'll jump onto his Rocketsled and Mecha Bandicoot immediately appears, with no cameos, dialog, or fight against Cortex. Mecha Bandicoot roars before entering the arena, and the demo ends as soon as he steps in.

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