Crash Twinsanity - Story

Three years have passed since Crash Bandicoot last defeated Cortex, who managed to survive by landing on an Antarctic wasteland with Uka Uka. The nasty duo ended up frozen in a block of ice and drifted away in the ocean, with their fate remaining unclear until now. After Cortex defrosts, he decides to get himself rid of the bandicoot once and for all.

Back on N. Sanity Island, Crash's sister Coco is happily chasing a butterfly, not knowing she's actually being watched. Hiding behind a tree, Cortex stuns Coco with his ray gun and begins the first phase of his simple plan. Cortex disguises himself as Coco and meets up with the clueless Crash.

Luring Crash into a trap, Cortex soon reveals his true identity to him and once again plans to have his revenge against the marsupial. After Crash thwarts his plans yet again, the two of them inadvertently fall into a cave, where Cortex finally snaps and takes on Crash in a no holds barred fist fight. They eventually realize they need to cooperate to get out of the cave, and after some reluctance, the unlikely duo escapes, only to be greeted by a pair of bird-like creatures wearing space suits.

They introduce themselves as the Evil Twins, and they're out to destroy the island and get their revenge on Cortex. After a quick demonstration of their powerful psychic abilities, the doctor is once again forced to ask Crash for help to stay in one piece.

Who are the Evil Twins? Why do they hate Cortex so much? They're not going to like it, but to find the answers to these questions, the doctor and the bandicoot are going to have to work together to face this new force.

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